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There is an emerging approach to mental fitness that requires us to shift our focus. Instead of looking at our IQ (Intelligence Quotient) or our EQ (Emotional Quotient), the approach has us focus on developing our PQ, or Positive Intelligence Quotient. PQ mental fitness exercises strengthen your mental muscles and enable you to shift from negative patterns of thinking, feeling, and reacting to responding to circumstances in a much more positive and impactful way.

Of course, we can’t always work through substantive changes in our lives, or even do our regular exercises, without some guidance and support from others. Trying to boost our own mental fitness requires building powerful new muscles in your brain, not just learning a theory or gaining awareness and insight that you are thinking or reacting negatively.

The best way to boost your Positive Intelligence Quotient and build up your mental strength is through regular short exercises, keeping track of your progress, working with a small group of people to which you can be accountable and sharing what you think and feel. A program description is next…

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