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“After working through this Mental Fitness process myself, I realized that I could share this amazing and enjoyable program with the people in my life whom I know it would benefit. What I feel now is a sense of control, a joy in working with others, and I operate with much less negativity. “

David Fisher

•Consider signing up for a spot in a seven-week PQ mental fitness training program where you’ll work with a small group of people, focused on increasing your personal Positive Intelligence Quotient. You’ll download a fun and easy to use PQ tracking app (for your phone or tablet) to monitor your progress, permit you to watch a 1-hour video each week, guide you in 15 minutes of daily exercise, and then allow you to interact with a small group of other program participants to share your experiences.

•You’ll start by completing an online assessment to understand which specific mental Saboteurs might be affecting your patterns of thought. •You’ll receive a personal .pdf copy and audio files of the first 8 chapters of the NY-Times bestselling Positive Intelligence book by Shirzad Chamine.

•All for the price of $1,500 CAD per person, and you’ll also receive customized coaching and training with me each week to unpack what comes up from each video, how you’ll sustain (and integrate) your practice and the rich learning that comes from sharing experiences with others.

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