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  • You certainly can’t control what others think or how they feel about you. You will always be judged by others and your stress may have always been a part of what drives you.
  • You can’t change the cards you’ve been dealt or stop all the bad things you worry might happen to you.
  • In fact, the majority of people are ready to accept what has happened to them and will continue to believe the negativity and lies they tell themselves.
  • The problem isn’t that you feel or think the way you do, it is that you, more often than not, believe those negative voices.
  • The challenge isn’t that you can’t control the thoughts in your head, it is that you don’t have the muscles, tools or techniques to recognize the negativity and then shift to thinking positively.
  • The truth is… the negativity bouncing around in your head, is actually being created by you. Which means that you ultimately have the power to control it.

A solution to help shift your self-imposed negative thoughts and feelings to being more positive is described below…

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